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Why Champion Driving Academy?

Champion Driving Academy has been helping students become Champions on and off the road for over 20 years. At our Academy, students will learn the rules of the road from current and former teachers with a State of Oklahoma certificate for driver’s education.

Champion is the only driving school in the state that gives each student a notebook/pen with 14 chapters of all driving needs. Each behind-the-wheel driving session will include an evaluation with tips and dos/don’ts.

Why Champion?

Champion Driving Academy is the only driving school in the state that issues every student a notebook including the 14 chapters of driving manual!

Champion’s staff are certified classroom teachers that have licensed by the State of Oklahoma!

Champion’s instructors are either current or retired teachers from the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Each student will receive an evaluation after each driving session indicating concerns and accomplishments


Champion’s Surrey Hills office has now moved to Piedmont! The new location is listed below, less than a quarter of a mile from Piedmont high school.



Edmond Office

2329 W 15th St,Suite D
Edmond, OK 73013

Piedmont Office

1885 Piedmont Road North,
Piedmont, OK 73078

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